Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping my closet

I’ve found that my interests go in spurts. I’ll really feel  like sewing one day and take on a project or two. But by the time I finish (or sometimes before I finish) I find my enjoyment fading. Same thing happens with reading. I love reading sometimes, but not others. For a while I just loved this blog. I loved getting ready in the morning and picking out an outfit. I loved taking and editing the photos. I loved the nice comments ;) And loved reading other’s fashion blogs to gain inspiration. My fashion has evolved quite a bit since I began. But then it faded away. Lately I don’t enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I stare at my bulging closet and find no love for the things hanging there. I still read other’s blogs and find pretty things I like, but don’t have. So really all it does it make me want to shop more. But Dave Ramsey runs a tight budget over here and I don’t have endless funds to shop. And then I found a nice comment from some random stranger about one of my past outfits. I looked back at that photo and a few others from months ago. And I liked it. Not all the outfits I’ve posted I like when I look back, but some I do. So, I decided I’d look back at all my outfits since I started this blog in February and pull a list of the outfits I liked best and would want to wear again. I found 44. Somehow I think this blog has served a whole new purpose for me. It has cataloged the past several months and now I can look back and edit for the future. It’s thrilling to find a cute outfit that you want to copy from someone else’s blog. But it’s also sorta cool to find inspiration from yourself! And a whole lot cheaper too. I think it might be a little easier to get dressed this week. And I might even not feel like shopping for a little while!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Top: LC from Kohl's  Jeans: Express  Boots & Blazer: Target  Earrings: F21

Today is my birthday. 27 years and counting. I suppose that is something to smile about :)