Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping my closet

I’ve found that my interests go in spurts. I’ll really feel  like sewing one day and take on a project or two. But by the time I finish (or sometimes before I finish) I find my enjoyment fading. Same thing happens with reading. I love reading sometimes, but not others. For a while I just loved this blog. I loved getting ready in the morning and picking out an outfit. I loved taking and editing the photos. I loved the nice comments ;) And loved reading other’s fashion blogs to gain inspiration. My fashion has evolved quite a bit since I began. But then it faded away. Lately I don’t enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I stare at my bulging closet and find no love for the things hanging there. I still read other’s blogs and find pretty things I like, but don’t have. So really all it does it make me want to shop more. But Dave Ramsey runs a tight budget over here and I don’t have endless funds to shop. And then I found a nice comment from some random stranger about one of my past outfits. I looked back at that photo and a few others from months ago. And I liked it. Not all the outfits I’ve posted I like when I look back, but some I do. So, I decided I’d look back at all my outfits since I started this blog in February and pull a list of the outfits I liked best and would want to wear again. I found 44. Somehow I think this blog has served a whole new purpose for me. It has cataloged the past several months and now I can look back and edit for the future. It’s thrilling to find a cute outfit that you want to copy from someone else’s blog. But it’s also sorta cool to find inspiration from yourself! And a whole lot cheaper too. I think it might be a little easier to get dressed this week. And I might even not feel like shopping for a little while!


  1. I have to admit... I miss all of my clothes. I could only bring a few out here with me and I've had to be creative in the pairing just to keep things somewhat fresh. I'm glad you have a fresh outlook on your closet :)

  2. loved reading your post Julie. I am just like you...I find i want to do so many things but doing it consistently while taking care of your life is hard. Maintaining a blog and having the inspiration to wear cute blog worthy outfits day after day is hard. I look forward to see how your inspiration unfolds! :)

    Cheers, Nav

  3. So glad you're finding inspiration from your own closet and blog. Shopping can become addictive. I've told myself "It's okay, because it's bargain thrift store finds." But that can add up to a pretty penny if done excessively. (points to self) It is fun to find new combinations, new ways of wearing things you already have. So I'm trying to content myself with that little challenge too and curb the shopping...for a while at least. I also agree...it's a mood thing.
    Soooooo....no matter what you're wearing these days...just be happy! :)