Sunday, April 22, 2012

Woah baby!

16 Weeks
Apparently it's true what they say: your body "remembers"
My stomach muscles are no match for a growing baby and my bump is growing out quite early. Yes, even my belly button is popped out! Let's just hope this rate of growth doesn't continue the whole pregnancy or I'm going to look like I'm smuggling a very large watermelon under my shirt by October!

Ps: No it isn't twins


  1. You are looking gorgeous! Love this cute dress on you on trend! My third pregnancy was the same way...belly was sticking out before I could even believe it!

  2. Agree with Jenni above - you look gorgeous! You're one of those lucky women where pregnancy really suits you! (I was NOT.) I stopped at two but I'm sure if I had a number three I would have looked six months pregnant at about six weeks.

  3. How cute! You are adorable pregnant.

  4. Wow your belly button has already popped out? That's crazy looks like you have one healthy little baby in there! I absolutely love reading about peoples pregnancies! So glad I found your blog (:

    Also I would love if you checked out my Thursday link party and thriftfanatics page. It would be great to have ya!(;


  5. :) I just reread this post after looking at your 39 week pictures & realized that you did look like you were smuggling a very large watermelon in there. Cutest pregnant lady ever!!