Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shirt Refashion

 Coral shirt from Gap (refashioned)
Capris from Good Will
Cardi from Ann Taylor
Sandals from Target
Jewelry from Forever 21

I found this shirt (long sleeved) at Gaps BOGO Free Women's shirt day last month. It was on clearance for $5.99. I also got a purple one that is the same style. So each shirt was only $3! I loved the color, length, and fit but didn't love the long sleeves for spring and summer! So, I decided it wouldn't be that hard to cut the sleeves into a short-sleeved shirt.

First I laid it out flat (and inside-out). I used another t-shirt for reference on how long I wanted the sleeves (+1" for the hem). I ended up making mine slightly longer just so I'd have some wiggle room if I made a mistake! Then cut! To ensure the sleeves are the same length, use the 1st sleeve as reference for where to cut the 2nd by folding the shirt over and lining up the shoulders.

 Fold over the edge and pin it.
Sew all the way around. It will look something like this.
 Turn it right side out and press.
 Repeat for the other side!
 And done!

 Not too hard right? Now I just need to do the purple one!


  1. I'm always so impressed by women who can sew, and what a fab job you did here!

  2. Great refashion! Pretty color on you :)