Thursday, May 12, 2011

Such a fool

Orange button up and belt thrifted 
Navy skinnies from Charlotte Russe
Earrings from Kohl's'
Sandals from Target

I really need to think up some new poses. I always do the same thing. So boring. When I get bored, I get silly. When I get silly, I make a fool out of myself. Good times :)

Here are some action shot outtakes. I was trying to whip my hair around all sexy. Yeah. Not so much.

Hot stuff baby.


  1. Funny pictures! I stick to the same old pose, any time I try anything else I look like a total spaz! Maybe it'll come to me over time... ;o)
    You look the orange!

  2. haha love it!

    Great orange shirt and great styling.


  3. My poses are always the same, I feel your pain. Also feeling that bright orange shirt- love!

  4. how about some outdoor shots?

  5. haha, love the shots!! :) Love this color on you, thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday

  6. Love that outfit! You look great and you inspire me to look at clothes a different way, thanks!

  7. The 2nd to last picture - lol. Classic cousin it! I love this shirt! It reminds me I have a very similar one I thrifted a few months ago and still have to take in a few sizes.. I love the color though! This whole outfit looks great on you, very flattering!

  8. What a nice color on that shirt! Lovely.

    Yeah, posing is a hassle. I try to "study" other bloggers and models in magazines and some days, I feel like I get it, most days it's just awkward. :)