Friday, August 19, 2011

Bubble Burst

Top: Poppy  Shorts: Vault Denim  Sandals: Ross  Belt: Kohl's  Jewelry: F21

I've been trying my very best to buy more unique clothing items. I naturally gravitate toward plain white, black, and gray.  I was all excited about my new orange stripped top (because it was so different and not my normal) until my hubby burst my bubble and told me I looked patriotic. What? It's orange. "It looks red," he said. Well it's orange. So boo. I'm not as original as I thought. I'm just copying some old lady and her flag.


  1. "some old lady and her flag" - bwahahaha! OH do I know that feeling. I'll get things and Aaron will be like, "My grandma had that shirt." Well ok then.

    The belt totally makes this outfit for me. You look fantastic!

    Freckles in April

  2. Husbands can be so clueless I tell ya. Yesterday, I was wearing what I thought was the bomb outfit and right when my husband saw me, first thing out of his mouth, "You look a little stiff. Are you uncomfortable in that outfit?" I gave him permission to NEVER greet me with those words ever again. :)

    It's awesome that you tried something new and I love it!

  3. It does look red from the picture, but I bet it really is orange, and good for you for looking for items outside of your usual colors! :D I wouldn't even have thought of "flag" if you didn't mention it! =P