Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make it work!

Maxi dress: Target  Shirt: F21  Sandals: Ross  Jewelry: Kohl's, F21

You ever watch Project Runway? A new season has started up again! Yay! When I got dressed this morning I heard Tim Gunn in my head saying, "Make it work!". I put this top in the dryer accidentally and it shrunk. I was bummed out but I suppose now it's more like a crop top. Those are in right now, right?! And over my maxi dress, it was just the right length!
I don't have laundry blunders frequently but lately I guess my mind is still on vacation! I also ruined a load recently with a pair of new jean shorts. I just threw them in with some towels and a handful of my kids clothes. Everything white was a yucky shade of blue and one yellow shirt was pea green. Most of it was disposable but I was really sad that my kids 4th of July clothes I'd made them were in the batch. And they got ruined :( Oh well. They wouldn't fit next year anyways! You every have a laundry catastrophe?


  1. I love this top over the dress! Perfection - and you made it work... BTW - I love Tim Gunn. He is the epitome of class, poise and grace (inside and out). I haven't had a laundry mishap in a long time. The worst case of "laundry fail" my family ever had was when our washer and dryer were on the fritz (25 years ago when our kids were small). We went to a laundromat and somehow one red sock got into the whites. Needless to say we all wore pick undies and socks until the kids grew out of them! :) They were really small so they didn't mind so much. We thought it was funny (at least that's what THE KIDS thought!) I never let hubby do whites for the family again. ;) Wishing you enough! Cheers! Sherry

  2. Love how you pulled this look off...and totally made the top work even though it shrank. You can't even tell! Love it!

  3. Love it! Looks great! I shrunk a bunch of my shirts recently too and I'm gonna still make them work!

  4. What a fab idea to wear a top over the maxi dress! I was wearing a dress today with a tank over it, I'm glad to see someone else does this :) Can I post this for wear*it Wednesday tomorrow? :)