Monday, July 11, 2011

Do It Yourself {DIY}

I love DIY projects. Especially easy ones! So when I saw the beautiful Jenni sporting some Artist Crop Jeans from AE, I thought, "I could make those!" So I did.
I thrifted these Banana Republic jeans for 4.25, chopped off about 5" and rolled them up. Ta da! Crop Jeans! And I can always roll them up once or twice more if I want a shorter "Capri" look. Yay!

Top Target (thrifted)  Jeans BR (thrifted)  Shoes K-mart   
Earrings F21  Necklace Gift from New Zealand


  1. Ha I just posted about a DIY too - not clothes though ;) These look great - good job! I love a quick refashion. I did the same thing with my boyfriend jeans! Thrifted some then "destroyed" them myself. Fun!

  2. Ahh, you're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out! Love the rocked these! They're a great color too! I'm always so impressed with your DIY skills!!!

  3. Love these! And love the shoes you paired them with.

    Ask the Duplex

  4. How is it you ALWAYS look good. The fact that you are a smart shopper and do it yourself a lot of times... just isn't fair ;) I need do that kind of stuff. Smart!

  5. You are always so clean & polished! I love it! I'm usually frazzled and a hot mess.....haha!

    Get Up & Go

  6. Love it...I might just do this to a few pairs...I always seem to find that my jeans are too short! Love those shoes too!!! Thanks for linking up again Love all of your finds!


  7. Cute jeans!! I love your shoes too! I'm loving your blog - you're adorable and have great style!! :)

  8. Julie, first I love the blog design (good choice with the mustard and grey) I am feeling inspired to do an outfit post now!

    You look cute and hats off to you for DIY. I am thinking to make stiching my new hobby. Did you grow up learning it from home? or you look lessons?

    xo Nav