Friday, February 11, 2011

Can I have some mustard on that?

Did you ever have that 1 piece of clothing you really wanted but couldn't find ANYWHERE? Mine, is a mustard yellow cardigan. Apparently I'm just too slow because I see them around but no store has them. Maybe mustard is a fall color and they were only available in October-ish? My only hope is the thrift store. Please oh please let someone part ways with theirs (in my size) right before I go to Goodwill :) Thank you in advance!
For now, a little yellow flower will have to do...
Ruffle shirt: Old Navy (thrifted)
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: Charlotte Russe?
Sneaks: Mudd via JCP
Earrings: Old Navy
Yellow pin: Made by me
Yesterday I had hubby get my pre-pregnancy clothes box from the attic.  They say- "It took you 9 months to gain the weight so give it at least 9 months to lose it", right? Well "they" didn't mention my hips are probably not going to be returning to pre-baby width. Tops fit. SOME jeans fit, but not all. It was fun though, shopping from my attic. I think hubby was pleased as well because at my attic store lets me take whatever I want, for free!


  1. I got mine at Target. Back in October, now that I think of it. I LOVE it! I wear it all the time, as I'm sure you and the rest of the world have noticed. This is Kim, by the way. I'm just using my son Nick's Google account. :)

  2. Lovin on your flower cuteness!

  3. good job for losing that baby weight! i love your outfit and that flower pin makes the whole look so adorable!

    cute and little