Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I was going to wear

 This is what I would have wore if I had made it to church today. But, in the end I had to stay home with the kiddos. Little boy was all lethargic yesterday. He seems to be doing better today but I like to err on the side of not spreading sicknesses. After being a Primary teacher for a few years I've come to appreciate people who don't bring their sick kids to church and expect someone else to watch them!

 Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap {Thrifted}
Flats: Target

  I wasn't going to wear my nice *ironed* white skirt all day at home. So really this is what I wore today.
 Oh well.
Dress pants: Express

I said I was going to try and make my next outfit more jazzy. So I did the side bun and work cheetah flats! Yeah, no. Still not a very jazzy outfit. So this is me trying to act Jazzy. I'm such a goof.

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