Monday, February 7, 2011

One of those days...

 So, there I was thinking this day was going alright. The baby took a good morning nap. I took a shower :) Now, on to lunch. But, kid #1 isn't hungry yet. Ok. Feed kid #2 anyways. Then I realized I needed just a few things for dinner. No problem, I'll run to the grocery store. Except kid #1 still hasn't eaten lunch. And either had I. Oh well, off to the grocery store. Grab a shopping cart (or buggy as southerns like to say :) and move into the store and out of other shoppers way. But wait, the straps have been ripped off of the baby seat. Back to grab another cart. Take it into the store. But wait, the baby seat won't sit flat. GREAT! Back for the 3rd cart. Finally a winner. Off to produce dept and then the deli. Not even 5 minutes have passed and both children are whining. Child #1 is hungry ("We'll be home in a just a few minutes honey!") and child #2 doesn't want to be strapped in the cart. Pick up child #2. Finish shopping. Take stuff out to pay and child #1 starts crying. "what is the matter sweetie?" Oh you wanted to put the groceries up? Ok fine. Put all groceries back in cart so child #1 can do it again. Pay. Get groceries in the car, child #1 in the car, and then BAM! I slam my right knee into the car door. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Hobble over to put child #2 into car. Whimper on the drive home. Get home, and hobble to get kids out of car and groceries in the house. Child #1 is hungry! I start making some mac & cheese and try to get a quick snack for the baby who is very ready for her nap. I ask child #1 to get baby's water. He starts shaking it furiously until the lid open as drenches the baby. Nice. Dry children, finish mac & cheese, change baby's clothes and diaper, and FINALLY put her down for a nap. Oh, and now I can eat lunch. At 3:15pm.

 Shirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Trouser Jeans: Target
Bow heels: Madden Girl via TJMaxx

and since it was cold I had to wear a coat too!
Pea coat: Target

and my favorite part about this outfit is my new headband. I've never really worn headbands much but I'm sort of loving it! I can't wait to find some more!
Embellished headband: Charlotte Russe

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