Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 Boo. {As in I'm pouting. Not like I'm trying to scare you. Just so we're clear.}
I have to take my wonderful MIL to the airport today. I really hate it when her visit comes to an end! Seriously. And my little boy has already shed some tears over the impeding good-byes. I really got lucky in the MIL lottery. She is sweet and generous and oh so easy to get along with. :) Just sayin'. We just hate that we live so far away from the gradparents! Oh well. I suppose there is some reason we ended up here in South Carolina. And we'll probably be here for a while.
 Shirt: Target (thrifted)
Jeggins: Target
Cardigan: JCP
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: TJMaxx
Ring: Vintage

My MIL had some jewelry from her mother that she wanted to pass on to her grandkids. I picked this ring out for my baby girl. I think my daughter will love to have this special piece from her great grandmother one day. But, since she is only 10 months old right now, I'll go ahead and hang on to it for her :)

My son sweetly said to me this morning, "Mom, when Grandma leaves, I'll take care of you." Just love that kid.


  1. That top is fabulous. I love the little sparkle!

  2. SUper fun shirt! Love it, thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday!