Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workin' It with Wet Hair

 Every once in a while my hair just needs a "day of rest". Or maybe I just get burned out from fussing with it. So today, yes, I have wet hair. But at least I showered!

Striped tee from H&M
Striped Cardi from Downeast 
Capris from Vault Denim
Sandals Steve Madden from Ross
Ring and earrings from Forever 21



  1. I love the cardigan! And I understand when you don't feel like being bothered with hair! lol

  2. We all need a day off from doing our hair!!! =) At least you look great with it pulled back...some don't. Love your stripe on stripe look today...super cute! Have a great day!

  3. Your hair looks great wet! And I love your capris. Makes me excited for spring.

  4. Wish I looked that good with wet hair! Love the cardi... just love it all actually. What is this vault denim? I like their jeans on you.

  5. i actually love the wet hair look, i think it's sleek and stylish :) cute shirt, cute capris, cute!


  6. Your hair looks cute! When I give my hair a break, it's usually unwashed and greasy. Love the two kinds of stripes too!

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  7. i LOVE this! annnd, my hair's wet in about 83% of my outfit pics, too. meh. who cares, all it means is: "hey, world, i showered today." seriously, perfection in the stripes-on-stripes action. thanks for linking up! you look awesome.

  8. Love the stripes on stripes. You look great!

  9. love them together! and my hair is pulled back wet almost every day!